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uTorrent 1.8.5 wastes too much


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hi,this is my first post and i didn't realy know where to post this topic but it's some kind of trouble so ill take a shot here.

Yesterday i downloaded a ps2 .iso of 4.38 gig and i did the standard procedure to get in on a disc,and the game worked fine,but freezed when i tried to save.next time i skipped about 5 saving points.i started saving again and it took ALOT of time to save and it didn't want to load.

i went to my computer and used isobuster to see the iso file.after alot of time consulting on internet i found out the part meant for saving the game wasn't fully downloaded(it was 42mb smaller than it should be for that game).i opened uTorrent and i saw 58mb was wasted.i looked round the forum and most times someone said it automaticaly wastes unwanted data or something like that,so i was wondering is there any way to still download that data?

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I'll give you the short version of both things.

1> You're making massively flawed assumptions about how uTorrent (and bittorrent clients in general) behave.

2> You're making a MASSIVELY flawed assumption about what wasted data actually is.

3> You're on a version of uTorrent that has a security hole the size of texas and is no longer supported.

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