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Bad upload speed/connections on Windows Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise


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Hello people,

My setup is as follows:

ISP Modem -> Home Router -> Windows 7 Machine with the latest utorrent (everything working properly: max upload speed all the time)

-> Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 with the latest utorrent (crapy upload speed, not connecting to other users)

My story:

For years i`ve been runing utorrent updateing it as they come, without changing any setting (well kept in a zip) and everything worked fine, even after changing windows versions and computers.

A while ago I installed a new machine in my network, a windows server 2003 r2 sp2 updated to the max. I installed the latest utorrent, copied the config folder from the windows 7 machine so it would have the exact same settings, loaded the same torrents.

The torrents are from a private tracker, whenever i restart the windows 7 computer and startup utorrent, the torrents connect in an instant to hundrends of users and the upload speed of my connection is maxed out in under 1 minute. This sadly does not happen on the windows server machine and I cannot understand why. Running the utorrentspeed test on the server gives the maximum result of my connection (same as on the win7 machine) and the connection status of utorrent in the corner of the statusbar is ALWAYS green.The port used is the same as on windows 7, it is properly forwarded in the router (tested -> ok.).The server has no firewall (i never use firewall). when I upload something to the server from outside my network (via ftp or other ways), it goes up with the maximum speed of my connection.

I even connected the server directly to the internet (no router between modem and server) and the same result.

What am I missing here? I even tried changing the comunication port but did not help.

Everything else on this server (internet related) works the same as on the win7 machine.

Downloading torrents on the server works properly, only the upload is the problem.

I also tested this with other torrents, and the same thing happenes: the same torrent uploads awesomly on the win7 machine, but not on the server. I tried every guide i found on this site, but nothing made any diffrence.

Please help me out, i really want to move utorrent to my server.

Kind regards,


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