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uTorrent suddenly stopped working - 'not connectable'??!?!


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I have been struggling with this for hours now trying to find a solution. I am not a computer expert, but I can follow instructions without a problem. So I've tried various solutions but to no avail.

Some basic info:

I lived in my parent's home and utorrent was working fine.

Moved out a month ago, used a different internet connection and utorrent continued to work fine.

Moved back into my parent's home 2 days ago and utorrent worked for a day (although it was relatively slow at around 100kb/s), but now I get no more than 0-5kb/s. There was an exclamation mark in utorrent that was orange earlier, but a couple of minutes ago it turned red, and says 'not connectable'.

No firewall is blocking utorrent.

I set up a port, following the instructions on portforward.com - but that didn't make a difference either.

I have tried enabling and disabling various settings in utorrent, but no use. I've restarted utorrent, restarted my laptop.. but nope, still not working.

I have windows 7, and have never had this problem before. But suddenly I am unable to download (although I can download from the internet just fine, but seem to be unable to download via utorrent)

As I said I am not an expert so I don't know what else to do.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for reading - if you need any info just let me know!

EDIT - It has gone back to orange now and says 'no incoming connections'.

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