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Red Button Lit, Not Connectable on my Macbook


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Hi, I've been happily using uTorrent for some years now, first with a pc and now with a Mac, and usually I can find solutions to what few problems arise, but yesterday I noticed that the button on the lower right hand side of the uTorrent window has gone from green to red, and that it signifies "not connectable". The latest versions of uTorrent no longer have the tools that some of the older versions did, so there isn't much that one can do except check the settings in place in the preferences panel (mine is set to "automatically map port", since the ISP's router is set dynamically and not statically - and converting to static is no longer a good option for me for the unnecessary complications.) I have done all the above and have also checked the firewall on the Mac, extracted uTorrent from allowable sites, and then re-entered it, then restarted the computer and uTorrent. Nothing works. :( Downloading and uploading is still going on, but excruciatingly slowly. Can anyone out there help? :/

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