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trying to re-seed, having trouble checking and re-checking files


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Trying to re-seed some things to help my ratio on a site, some folders get added back in no problem, but several others will not get back the checking process. I do the force re-check with same result, before it ever gets to 100%, status will change to STOPPED unexpectedly. I know all the files are there, and I know they are all the same file names as when I originally downloaded.

Some won't even get past 0.0% checked before it reverts back to 'stopped' status.

I tried something that looks like it fixed it, but I am not certain. Out of these folders that refuse to re-seed, there are about a dozen or so files in each one. I deleted one of the files, and selected that one to download again leaving the rest unchecked.

Now, I know this only downloads the one file I selected, but when it's done, does it go back to uploading the entire contents of the folder?? Or is it only going to upload that one particular file I downloaded again?

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

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