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Changing the tray and main images


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I'm trying to change the "main" and "tray" icons for uTorrent.

Main - the icon in the top right of the uTorrent window.

Tray - the icon in the bottom right.

I'm trying to install the same image for both, Desolator's Green and Black glass.

I'm copying the images into the "%AppData%\uTorrent" folder, and tried putting them in as .bmp files (which is how they download) and also as .ico files, but neither time is anything changed!

Not sure if this matters but I'm running an HP laptop, with Windows Vista Home Basic, and have got uTorrent 2.2

Anyone got any tips on how to solve this?

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Don't worry everyone, I have managed to fix it.

And if anyone else needs or wants to know how:

The images did need to be in .ico format

But I simply went onto paint and saved them as .ico files

This, was a bad idea.

I used an online image converter (http://www.coolutils.com/online/image-converter/) <- was very helpful

I then simply used the newly converted .ico icons

Placed them in %AppData%\uTorrent as "main.ico" and "tray.ico"

Restarted the client and, voila. I had changed them.

Me happy now :)

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