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Slow Download Speed, but fast when surfing


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i have old p3 notebook just for downloading. installed utorrent 2.2.

my connection is 2MB download and 512k upload. but speedtest show 1037kbit download and 376 kbit upload. the speed dropped slightly since christmas.

im experiencing slow speed using utorrent since upgraded to 2.2 last month. only arround 12kBps download. the torrent im downloading have (155)seeder 253(peer).

then i tried to revert to 2.0.4 doesnt change anything,

port already forwarded, also didnt improve any.

but when i start surfing internet on my other deksktop pc or any wireless client.

the speed jump out to 110-200kB/s. this happen most of the time.

anyone can figure out my problem here?

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really? my speed graph is saw like, speed is up an down. weeping from 80kB/s to 20kB/s,,

i did monitor the peer list by my own eye, the peer is like disconnect by it self. after reach the top speed, then the peer disconnect, the speed drop again. port is already forwarded on router settings. also disabled firewall. nothing helps.


my isp is streamyx in malaysia. :cool:

last year and before experiencing this kind of slowdown. :D

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