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uTorrent using wifi keeps runs and dies


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I had a similar problem as described in this thread:


I would be downloading at inconsistent speeds (10 - 200k)for like 2 - 20 min then the speed would drop to around 2k and not recover. I tweaked my settings a bunch of times with no luck ( I tried the conservative settings table ) and went even more lean than that.

I think basically too many connections for wifi or buggy wifi.

Setting up the proxy server worked!! as suggested in the above link. Here are instructions I found:


The instructions are not totally clear, maybe for an older version of uTorrent? Anyway I managed. I'm running the latest version 2.2 - Under preferences / connections in the "Proxy Server" section the only box I checked is "Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections - other that that I followed the instructions.

I hope this helps.

Also many Thanks to Switeck loads of great info!!!

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