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Webseed Problem with utorrent. Some other torent clients seem fine


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I have site and files located as follows.








On my pc, i have folder named new_funny_pics and file1 file2 file3 on it. I make torrent with utorrent, adding directory. So i have torent named new_funy_pics and files on it are file1 file2 file3...

From my pc, i upload files file1 file2 file3 to webserver http://www.mysite.com/items/files/new_funny_pics

As a webseed, i enter http://www.mysite.com/items/files/new_funny_pics/ (with / at the end ofc).

I manually md5 check to be sure files on my pc and on the server are same. There are no other peers or tracker.

So when i add my new torent to utorent, the download seems fine, but generates lots of wasted data without any hash failure. Say 100mb of download is completed yet 200mb of data is wasted. So 300mb of trafic, yet i only have 100mb of completed data.

I'm sure that all files are identical since i checked both local and remote by md5, remote directory name is same as torrent. I'm just clueless why so much data is being wasted.

On the other hand, i added same torent to bitcomet, suprisingly it finished download without no error, hash checking was succesfull, the md5 of downloaded files are identical which was supposed to be.

From my another server on linux, i tried to download same torent with deluge, transmission all downloaded files succesfully.

Also apart from my problem, with some webseeds which have redirects, utorent is interpretting the resulted url wrong somehow, like missing / at http://. Trying to go the site http:/xxx.yy.com instead of http://xxx.yy.com.

I may be more specific about both problems if someone enlinghts me.

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