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Speed suddenly dropped for no apparent reason


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First of all, hello to the uTorrent community, as I am a new member. I'm having an issue and I'm looking for a fix.

uTorrent was working fine, downloading with an average speed of 2.3mb/s . Then, one morning, It couldn't get more than 350 kb/s. I tried more torrents with a large number of seeders, but it won't get more than 350 kb/s. With few seeds, it won't surpass 150 kb/s. I'm using an Edimax router, but the speed got low before I bought the router. I tried port-forwarding but I found it really hard and abandoned the idea. I took a speed test via speed.io. I got the following results : 2534 kb/s Download. 2834 kb/s Upload. 22 ms Ping. 1438 connects p/m. I have the same internet connection. I'm using Windows XP SP3. If more information are required, I can give them to you.

I hope you can help me.

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