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Internet chokes really quick


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Hi all,

I have this problem from the start and I did some tests today to see if it wasn't torrent only, so here I go.

When I start downloading a file, I get following speeds:

- With router cable inserted : max 900kb/s

- With modem cable inserted : max 3.4mb/s

Upload stays 130kb/s max, (Router or Modem cable).

So when I start downloading a torrent (private tracker) my internet maxs out really quick, but all my browsing is very slow and when I ping to a normal belgian website I get a huge ping.

I guess this is normal because I use the full connection. This also happens if I download a random file on the internet and it maxes out (usenet, very good ftp servers,..)

But : Why does this also happen to my brother when I use the router? He uses a different cable? Is it my router that maybe affects this?

Also when I upload and I max out my connections limit (130kb/s) my internet browsing is slow again and my brother gets affected again.

I hate uploading and downloading at night, but it's the only way to do it atm. The only solution that came to my mind was to cap my download speed and upload speed to a limit that doesn't affect my brother and myself, but I don't think private trackers will like that.

Some extra info :

OS : Windows XP, Brother : Windows 7

ISP : Telenet

Max download : 30mbps

Max upload : 1.25mbps

Router: belkin-f5d5231-4



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