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Fios - 25/25 upload torrent slow


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I recently got Fios, and when i test doing speedtest I actually get 30/25.

When downloading torrent I get max bandwidth usually 2.8 mb/sec, so downloading is no problem but when seeding I hardly see anything higher then 200-300kB /sec even though there are a lot of leechers.

Most I have ever seen connected to me at once is 8 leechers. Is there a way to increase how many connect to me in the swarm?

Is my settings ok?

Maximum Upload Rate: 2240

Maximum Download Rate: 2880

Apply rate limit to UTP is checked

Global Maximum Number of connections : 850

Maximum Number of connected peers torrent: 200

Number of upload slots per torrent: 30

Use additional upload slots if speeds is less then 90% is checked

Also I have added a rule to the firewall that verizon supplied with me to forward my port and there is a green checkmark on bottom of window, and I am on Windows 7


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I have the same problem as this guy i also have fios and i have super speed but i can't upload for shit i can only connect to 5 max peers out of like 300 and when i look at my logs i keep disconnecting from people ive come to the conclusion either its this shitty actiontec router or verizon fios is just screwing us over! and its definitely not port forwarding or a speed setting its something much deeper then that.

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1) Verizon has several issues with BT. Make sure your port is random on each startup, and restart your client every day or two.

2) Rate limit for obvious bittorrenting. Turn on encryption, forced, and disable allowing legacy connections.

3) Westell router has a leak when it comes to connections. You may need to reboot the 9100 every few hours.

4) Some ONTs will hang if your max connections are too high. Set your max connections at or below 175. If your line drops, power cycle your ONT (pull the battery AND power cord for 5 seconds, then replug everything).

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I've got a 25/25 Fios connection that runs at roughly 30/20. I too also have noticed recently that I am unable to seed.

In an effort to rule out the problem, I've disabled all firewalls (windows, router, etc), I've rebooted all my networking equipment, and my seedbox. The torrents I'm having difficultly with are the pioneer one series, and 2 ubuntu distros. Peers connect, get less than 1kB worth of data, then just as quickly disconnect. Downloading is usually very fast, but seed ratio is very low. I haven't been able to seed episode 2 past 0.050, I think that's pretty unusual.

I'm not drawing any conclusions at this point, just adding that I too am having the same problem. In the past, I've usually had much better uploads than downloads. So, I don't know what the deal is.

Edit: I want to add that I have rebooted the ONT, I run Protocol Encrytion Forced/No legacy connections, and randomize port on each start up already.

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