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Newbie Q: Moving files without losing upload capability


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I am new to torrenting, and currently use Bittorrent 7.2. I downloaded a few files to my download folder. They arrived in folders of their own, which I found mildly unnecessary. In one case, I moved the file I wanted from its folder (leaving a text file that had come with it) to the folder in my drive where I wanted to keep it. I then deleted the folder it had originally come in. Now, BitTorrent can't find the file to upload it back to the community. I tried advanced> set download to, but it thinks I want to download the file all over again.

In another case, I took a number of files from the folder they originally came in, renamed them, and moved them. They are now listed as having an invalid download state.

How can I move, rename, and generally nitpick files that I download while still sharing them with the community?

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