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The Devs just dont get it?


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I have been using your software for about a year now and i must say it was awsome. Last week i updated it and well now its pretty much useless. Now before you start asking for settings you need to understand that i never changed a thing so there is no need for me to post my settings. I used to get a global download rate of around 1000 depending on seed availability and newness of file. Now i get around 50k global and thats if im lucky. I tried reinstalling the old version and now it runs the same. I tried installing the new 3.0 beta and its the same. I have seen similar post like this on the forums and none of the moderators seem to accept that it is something on the software end that is causing the problem. I just want my speed back, and if i never changed a single setting, and all i did was upgrade the software then it should be easy to figure out where the blame lies. So im sure posting this will get me nowhere fast judging from the results i have read from similar posts but i figured i would give it a go. I have going to hang on for a couple more days with this problem and if it isnt solved then i will be giving up on Utorrent and going with another software that works. Again it was just a software update that casued this problem NOT A SETTING. Thanks for listening and thanks for all that wonderfull speed that i used to be able to get untill about a week ago. Frustrated and now bored.

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