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Yet another Windows 7 download speed problem


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I'm sorry if this has been discussed, but I've searched quite a lot and there seems to be no definitive answer to this problem.

Long story short, I installed Windows 7 and now pretty much I can't download anything.

From the speeds of 8-9MB/s I was getting with Vista now I can barely get 700KB/s in "bursts" then after the speed drops to under 10kB/s, as for upload speed... I'm pretty sure I won't make ratio never again.

Also it throttles the internet connection - I have a ping to google open all the time to check if the net works and when I start uTorrent, even with only 1 download active (the others stopped) the ping time jumps to 4-5-600ms with some very interesting packet loss rate.

The Windows 7 is a clean install, no antivirus, firewalls or anything like this, uTorrent runs on a forwarded port and it was the first thing I installed as I pretty much use (or used) the computer only for torrents.

Please be kind with me if this has been discussed and point me to a solution to my problem.

Also, if I might be allowed to make a suggestion, I would love to find some easy to understand guide to solving this problem many others seems to have. I know you people here are IT gurus and wizards, but most of the people that use torrents are not and they get quite frustrated not finding a solution to their problems, especially as their search skills are in par with their IT knowledge.

And if this is just a matter of configuring uTorrent's advanced options, it would be just awesome to add in a future version a button to reset all the options to a "working for windows 7" preset. I'm sure it would make a lot of people get rid of their frustration.

Thanks a million

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