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What, exactly, is HTTPSeeding?


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A friend of mine is using Azureus/Vuze as a torrent client and asked me about the option of enabling HTTP Seeding. He said he clicked on a link beside the option that supposedly explained the option but got a page that had a very short (and unclear) explanation. I am trying to find out what exactly HTTPSeeding (HTTP Seeding?) is ... I've tried googling it and have gone through several pages as well as opening several hits to read what google found for the search. I've yet to find anything in any of them that explain the following (his question to me is in the following quote marks):

"1) Are there additional capabilities activated by enabling the (HTTP Seeding) checkbox?

2) If we enable the it, are we limiting any other functionality [protocols]?

3) If nothing is lost and there is only gain, then why wouldn't we want to enable the it?

4) Why shouldn't the HTTP be on continuously if nothing is lost, so the GUI can eliminate the


The checkbox implies there are pluses and minuses, depending on whether you check or not.

Where's the information to enable us to make a choice?

There's a link in the GUI promising "details," and it points to an article that includes:

The first line explains that HTTP seeding allows the HTTP protocol. That is partially redundant, and doesn't explain why you wouldn't want to check the checkbox.

Then there's a statement about two other seeding specifications (protocols?) used. How can we use that information to make the choice?"

So far what I've come up with (through my reading up on what I've been able to find in google search):


1) http seeding allows the torrent-protocol(?) to search(?) http sites (and fttp?) as well as torrent


2) more of the web that "hosts" file(s), the more areas to download file(s) from

3) less 'stress' (on host sites) from multiple downloaders

4) ?


1) uploading / downloading files can be more easily tracked (of illegal files)

2) a lot more 'leechers'

3) ?

I ask here, in this forum, because I've only used uTorrent. Can anyone help me with more information on this?:/

Thanks! ;)

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