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Setting upload speed limit doesn't work


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Using uTorrent 2.2...

I'm having problems with download sites which monopolize

my upload bandwidth, using all the available upload bandwidth,

which slows down my downloads to a crawl.

I right-click a torrent, select "bandwidth allocation" and "set upload limit"

(to 1kb/sec) and NOTHING happens. The abnormal upload speed grabbing

continues as if an upload limit hasn't been set.

What gives ?

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And another one with upload speed which kills the downloadspeed.

No settings have any effects on the uploadspeed, I have tried them all.

In the sreenshot the settings are:

Downloadlimit 0kb (no limit)

Uploadlimit 10kb

Torrentdownloadlimit 1kb

Current uploadspeed @111.1 kB/s pushing the downloadspeed down.




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John, you don't have "Apply rate limit to uTP" enabled.

Greetings: This does fix the upload rate limit, however it severely impacts download speed when enabled, ie: 186kb/sec -> 50 kb/sec. after setting on an active download.

Update: after [stopping] the download and applying the settings, it appears to work. This using version 2.21 beta build 24266 on Windows Vista Home Premium. Hope this helps.

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