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How to increase the amount you download from peers?


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I'm currently downloading a rather large torrent of 6 GB, consisting of about 10000 images.

Originally, it got about 40% done with no problems whatsoever, but lately, the seeds seem to have all just disappeared. I honestly have no idea why this is, and I don't really understand how to re-announce the torrent on more trackers or anything like that (If anyone could explain this too, it would be great. I tried BtReannounceR but it wouldn't allow me to reannounce a file of 10000 images).

It's currently on 40.7%, and has been for a couple of days. I'm quite determined to get this torrent, or at least, as much of it as I can, seed it, and keep it alive. I've seen peers running around in the swarm with about 95% of it, but my real difficulty here is that it doesn't let me download from them quickly. I upload at about 20kb/s, and I download at about 0.2kb/s, which, when you have a 6GB torrent, is pretty ridiculous to get anywhere with.

While I'm aware my upload is faster than my download (Some retarded ISP throttling crap), I can't really get anywhere with the constant download speeds I'm getting from peers. I left it on for 6 hours last night, and got only 2MB from this torrent. At first, I thought it might be a problem with the peers' connections themselves, but I realise that I'm getting this problem with every peer I connect to. I download at a reasonable speed, despite the throttling, for any other well-seeded torrent, but peer downloads really need a speed boost across the board, specifically now, as it's made a problem of itself.

So, in short, I'm looking to increase the speed at which I download specifically from peers. I realise that, whatever way I look at it, this download is going to take a hell of a long time, but I'd like to reduce that time if at all possible.

If I made any mistakes by posting here or not reading something, apologies in advance.

Thanks for reading!

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