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Error: Former volume not mounted


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Hey im Sano a long time utorrent user but for the first time i am in need of some help. All of my torrents seeding and downloading all say Error: Former volume not mounted. Can any one help me out. Your advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Same thing just happened to me, for some reason the destination file for my downloaded torrents had changed from the F drive where they are kept to the E drive which doesn't exist!!

Highlight the torrent file you want to seed, right click on it, select Advanced then Set Download Location.

Find the matching file you want to seed, highlight it, click on Select Folder, then go back to the torrent file in your uTorrent list and select Start or Force Start.

Torrent will now start seeding!

You have to do this with each file one by one, no quick fix, but it works.

Hope this helps:D

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