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working trackers, and connected to peers, but no SIZE nor Files showin


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hello!!! you guys make the best freaking torrent client!!!! thank you all for helping and supporting such an incredible piece of software!!!

anyway, for the most part, all is well, and most of the torrents are working and download properly (unless there are no seeds or availability, of course), and all my connections are good, etc.

But there is one weird little thing.... sometimes, only on some torrents that aren't downloading, in the top half of the info pane (where it shows Size, Done, Avail., Seeds, Peers, etc), under the Size column, there will be blank spots where the size in GB or MB should be. For those torrents, on the lower half of the info pane, under the Trackers Tab, there WILL be a bunch of trackers showing up as WORKING. But, under the Files Tab, there will be NO files showing. and not surprisingly there is nothing downloading for those files, so there is no files in the download directory for those particular torrents...

There will be green arrows showing and there will also be a few seeds inside parenthesis but 0 seeds outside parenthesis, and peers showing inside and out. and i might be connected to a half dozen peers, but they all have 0.0% also.

btw, darkwing, i've already tried (under the Files Tab) right clicking on the column headers and clicking "Reset". Nothing happened....

anyone seen that before?

thanks a billion!


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You using a magnet for these torrents or an actual torrent?

i'm using actual torrents. also searched using the hash and found as many sites as possible with torrents that matched the hash, so i could get as many trackers as possible, and nearly everyone of the sites i downloaded the torrent file. Each site listed the exact same files, the same number of files, and the same size in GB. There might have been one or two of those sites that used a magnet, but they were in the minority. So, it IS possible that a mix of magnets and actual torrents were used on some of the torrents that don't show anything at all under Size on the upper pane, and don't show any files under the File Tab....

in addition to there being quite a few working trackers and connections to multiple peers: DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange are all working and allowed, according to the tracker tab....

all my other torrents work fine, and there has been no history of major problems here; it's just these few torrents that struck me as weird and i thought i would mention them.

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