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Filesystem size limit.


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So I'm having problems downloading a particular torrent. I keep getting this error message stating: file exceeds filesystem size limit. I don't know if it's referring to the amount of space I have on my drive, but it can't be that there isn't sufficient. The file I'm downloading is 6.45 gb while I have well over 50 gb of free space on my drive.

So it must be referring to something else but I don't know what exactly. A little help would be very much appreciated.

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Try to fill 6.45 liters of water in a 4 liter bottle - It's not possible.



You can use an external HDD which is NTFS formatted.

Stop your torrent, move the files which you have (.ut!), rightclick the torrent, set download location, point to the new drive, restart the torrent.

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