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Setting download limit does not work


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1) When I set download limit in KB such as 70 KB/s for some torrent,

it does not work. (Right click-properties-set download limit...)

I see download speed much more than that 70 KB/s for that torrent

I had 2.02 uTorrent, now I have 2.2

But the performance is the same.

2) When I had ver. 2.02 the high download speed was aboout 250 KB/s

But after 2.2 installation I see 500.

But pardon, I have limited by my internet provider to 2 Mb/s,

that is to say to about 250 KB/s


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Did you enable the option to limit uTP connections too?

"Apply rate limit to uTP connections" is on (checked)

BTW, what is uTP connections?

As for download speed more than 2 Mb/s

Perhaps I download some data from inside my internet provider network.

(In this case I have 8 Mb/s download limit).

But frankly it looks unlikely.

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