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Utorrent keeps crashing on Windows home server


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I have been using utorrent on my windows home server for a while, but it keeps crashing a couple of times a day.

When no torrent is running or only seeding then the problem is not so bad. It especially when downloading big torrent that i might have to restart it every hour.

I have uploaded a dmp file here

17414-utorrent.6380.dmp - 0.17MB

I tried tweaking every little setting but nothing seems to work:(

i am using D: drive to store both temporary files and also to store the files when they are complete.

Windows home server is using "drive extender" to create a virtual partition of many harddrives, and i tried to search for other using whs with the same problem, but havent found anything.

I also recently reinstalled whs but with no success

thanks in advance!

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