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Maximum number of active torrents overrided (uT2.0-2.2.1)


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Somehow max active torrents quantity always going higher than number of active torrents in the settings.

It looks like this:


I got the same behavior within utorrent version 2.0-2.2.1b or so.

If I lower the quantities then download threads going to stop(there only a few upload threads rolls forever then) untill I get them maxed back.

Who let the dog out?

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Did you talking about overbusing an internet channel because of many connections and speed limit set as maximum?

I didn't found another settings, wich is addicted to perfomance.

I though, if I set global connections to 1000, and (touch the nitro) set speed at maximum, I didn't get any perfomance break, except HDD and Internet ones. Did you mean the same?

Thanx for help.

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