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uTorrent 2.2 inaccurate statistics (uploading and downloading)


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Hi, I tried searching around for this problem, but I haven't seen anything like this yet, so hopefully you can help me. (and I hope it's not a stupid question ofcourse)

I've noticed that ever since I upgraded to 2.2 the statistics of my uploading and downloading are off by about 10kb/s. I'm sure they are not correct, because it's even off by that margin when I am not downloading/uploading.

The stats are off in the bar on the bottom and in the speedlog off the torrent. The actual speed is shown next to the torrent and in the tab showing my connection to peers.

This discrepancy is a problem because the limit I set to torrents is set to the incorrect speed. For example, I set a limit to upload 25 kb/s, but my torrents actually upload at 15kb/s.

The ammount downloaded and uploaded is also incorrect because of this. (it says i've uploaded a gigabyte for example when I haven't downloaded)

I know this is not a major problem, but it is annoying and it makes it harder to keep track of my torrents.

I'm on windows 7 ultimate 32-bit.

Everything worked fine on version 2 of the program.

Hope somebody knows what the problem could be and how to fix it and that I'm not a newb,

Thanks in advance!

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