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Suddenly cannot download


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I've been having this problem for a while where when I first open uTorrent it will connect to my seeds and start downloading for about 5 minutes. Then suddenly all seeds go to 0 and it will not download or upload. There are still thousands of seeders in the swarm, but I just cannot seem to connect to any of them.

If I close uTorrent and reopen, it will do the same thing.

I have a green check to indicate my network is working, and when I run the tests they do pass.

I am using UPnP and randomizing my port each time. I have also tried using a specific port and forwarding manually through my router and it does the same thing.

I am using encryption and I have peer.lazy_bitfield set to "true".

I have uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled to no effect.

Anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong.



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