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Error Message Disc Overloaded 100%


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Is there any way to avoid the Disc Overloaded 100% message which blocks downloading for a long time?

I know that it's because I've set the download folder to a USB external disc drive, however I can't change it because the space in the main HDD of my computer isn't enough for the files I use to download.

Need to add that in the previous versions of μTorrent this message used to disappear in a short time because the space of the external HDD is more than enough, however in the latest version it takes long therefore delaying the downloads dramatically.

Please help!!!

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I get this quite often when I download to my network disk drive. It just can't keep up with all the open files.

I have set the Queuing preferences to :-

Max number of active torrents: 2

Max number of active downloads: 1

This seems to help a bit, as it will only allow one download at a time. Throttling the bandwidth may also help, if you have a torrent(s) with high download speed.

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Thought I would share my experience, hopefully it will help you resolve yours.

I run uTorrent on Windows Server 2K8R2 and have been getting disk overload. I had tried all methods I could find on the forum.

Increasing disk cache would only delay the problem. Unticking "enable caching of disk writes" worked well until the system memory gets full and then everything locks up.

The issue only started when I started using uTorrent on my raid array, I have raid 1 and 5. the raid 5 is 4x WD Green 2TB 5400rpm Drives. I thought this could be an issue do to the parity overhead and spin speed.

I also have a couple of 1TB drives acting as single disks plugged directly into the motherboards onboard SATA controller. So decided to use one of these to test.

I am unsure where uTorrent has its disk cache (uTorrent installed to Raid 1, download directory Raid 5?), so I moved the program itself as well as the download directory.

I un-installed uTorrent an reinstalled onto a single disk. I also have downloads on the single disk that once complete are then automatically moved to the raid 5.

This has fixed my problem my up/down speed has been running happily at maximum again with no hint of an overload.

I understand you are using an external HDD due to space issue. but is you could have the download directory on your HDD to be moved automatically to the USB HDD on completion it should resolve your issue.

Hope this helps.

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At first I'd like to thank you for your support!

Unfortunately I can't do what you suggest because I use to download many torrents together and as you know each one reserves the space on disc.

Decreasing the number of torrents would only take more time to complete considering that the number of seeders varies depending on time.

Therefore I guess I have to live with it.

Thanks again anyway!

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