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DHT can't log in, no peers


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My uTorrent worked nicely until yesterday night when it suddenly stopped mid-download and hasn't been working since. I could see that there were many seeds and peers for my torrents, but we couldn't connect to each other anymore.

I closed the app and reopened it: DHT got stuck on 'Waiting to log in' and finally ended up with 0 peers. http://i1086.photobucket.com/albums/j441/DinkaMailer/utorrent/GeneralLook.jpg

I ran a speed test and it showed "Connection failed, error 10060" while the 'Network' tab showed an open port:


I tried all the other test locations, same results.

I've also tried the things suggested here:


It didn't help.

I'm using:

Windows XP Pro SP3

uTorrent 2.2

Windows Firewall (exception for uTorrent added)

Avira Antivir Personal (exception for uTorrent added)

SpyBot Search&Destroy with SD-Helper and TeaTimer (I have no idea if you're interested in that, but since I'm not much of a computer expert I thought too much info would be better than too little.....)

My uTorrent settings are:


I'm also using proxy settings for the dormitory servers, but I could download just fine with them until yesterday, so I don't think they're blocking anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't know if it means anything, but I've tried downloading stuff from the 'Apps' section through my uTorrent to see if I could. Results:

uTorrent dl-ed and installed the 'Skins' application just fine and downloaded whatever skin I wanted... it also installed every other applications I chose from 'Apps'.

Other than that: nothing. Still can't connect to anyone...

EDIT: I updated uTorrent, so now I'm using the 2.2.1 Beta version...

EDIT_2: The torrent site I'm using for some of my downloads can still detect the torrents I'm trying to leech from them as well as the ones I'm trying to seed. I can connect to their tracker and it announces like it should, but I still can't connect to seeds/peers...

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