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Set download location not working since going to 2.2


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What is happening is, if I have some torrents in there with a download to the default directory (or anywhere _I think_) and I stop it, right click and choose advanced -> set download location to a folder where I have all the files in the torrent (sneakernetted from another location or FTP'd from a seedbox) it will just ignore me.

Still has the old folder in save as: on the general tab, and a recheck makes it check those files, not the ones in the folder I just pointed it to.

If I delete the partial files in the default download place (usually only a couple with 1-2% complete) and then do the set download location, it seems to be sucessful. Its almost like its still using the partial files so refusing to change path to the completed files.

Never recall it happening in 2.02 which is what I have been using up till about a week ago when the offers of a new version became too tempting to ignore.

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