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Can't Seed and Keep Ratio


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I have been having this problem for the last couple months. For some reason when I download torrents now, as soon as they are finished, they stop all together and won't seed anymore. The Peers goes to 0(some number) and it just stops. utorrent SAYS that it is "seeding." but it doesn't. It won't connect to any Peers. if I remove the fine from my list and re-download and run the torrent, it will, most of the time, upload and seed for a few short secs again and then die again. I am trying to keep a 1.00 ratio for some of the site that I use to download my torrents but it has become impossible. I ran the speed test in Utorrent and saved their recommended settings. those don't change anything. I have tinkered with all of the settings for uploading and seeding, but nothing seems to change anything! I have been working of this for days now and I don't want to get banned from my sites that I am registered to because of a bad ratio. Does anyone else have/had this problem?

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