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Prioritizing Seeds by Ratio?


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Is it possible to prioritize seeds by ratio?

I would like the torrents with the lowest ratio to have priority over my higher ratio torrents. I have a fairly large upload pipe and would rather seed a new 0.000 ratio torrent (assuming there's adequate demand), than seed a torrent I've been seeding for a few weeks with a large ratio. I know in the end it doesn't really matter as long as I'm sharing but I'd still like to prioritize it like that. I looked and played around in the preferences but short of limiting speeds on torrents that have reached their goal, I haven't gotten it to behave the way I want.


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I'm a newbie here so ignore what I say if it doesn't fit..

Still... First of all I don't think this is possible.. I searched for this option when jumping onto the uTorrent bandwagon this evening myself. Now, here's the assumption (and "do ignore") part: I doubt if it will help out.

I came from vuze which said to have such an option (and "streamlined" data control) yet I still fail to understand how uTorrent manages to provide for 6 or 7 streams at the same time (at decent speeds) even those Vuze deemed "unworthy".

Believe me; I care about sharing. I grabbed some very specific (not simply "illegal", also merely "unavailable") stuff and as such I take care for uploads...

My "Jane" (filmed comic strip by the BBC, unavailable on VHS, DVD, etc) torrent is actually sending out whereas Vuze deemed this "unworthy".

So; could it be that all is well even without you realizing at first?

(and well; you could always enforce stuff on a per-download issue I suppose).

Hope this helps; even though I cannot rule out that I'm overlooking stuff.

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