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Barely connect to trackers, no upload


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Windows XP SP3

Linksys WRT54G (Firmware Upgraded)

Turned off Random port, Port forwarded in router (tried numerous ports with varied results)

Protocol Encryption "Enabled" not forced

DHT: rarely has more than 20 nodes

Local discovery is on

Peer Exchange is on

Wirewall is not blocking

uTorrent settings left alone after Speed check/set-up (which changes everytime I do one)

Bandwidth fails check on default search (cannot read error..), but if changed passes.

Most trackers say "Connection closed by peer" or "Connection Timed Out" or "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" or "offline". Occasionally I'll connect to one, but it doesn't always stay connected. Sometimes I'll get one to stick and fully download, but I have minimal upload if not 0 upload. I don't want to be a leecher...

It seems like I'm pretty much only running off Peer Exchange...

That all said I used to get excellent numbers, before I switched ISP's, with my current set-up. That leads me to believe that it is my ISP. It is an extremely small ISP, so I doubt they have some advanced way of throttling me. Any help? Ideas? Thanks :)

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