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Extremely slow downloads for about a week or so


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I used to download with Vuze and the download speed wasn't the best (250 kb/s at best in the morning only). I then switched to Utorrent and from the moment I installed it, I've always had download speeds ranging around 450 kb/s at all times. The only thing I had changed in the settings are the download limits and the number of connections. I've had Utorrent for months now but for about a week, the speed of my downloads is extremely low, not more than 20kb/s global download.

I've tried port forwarding and setting my router before with Vuze, and though it gave me a great headache I followed the guide and managed to get the speed mentionned above but when I switched to Utorrent, I didn't do any of that (and I wish I wouldn't have to again) and I had an even faster speed. It took a double click, one second installation and boom, Utorrent was downloading at top speed.

I wanna know if there was an update or something that messed my speed like that? I contacted my ISP and they say everything's okay on their side. Do you think cold weather could affect my download speed, for a week it's been -20 degrees celsius where I live and maybe that's what's causing this. I just want to find a solution to my problem, any advices is gladly accepted.



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