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I've tweaked my extension to run properly on all platforms now, not just Linux. It shows the status of your remote (or local) uTorrent in the status bar, lets you pause and unpause, and offers a one-click way to add new torrents. It also takes you straight to the full webui page by clicking. You will need to enable webui (even for a local install) and configure the extension to match the IP address, port, and login details of uTorrent. It is only tested with version 2.0, 2.2, and 3.0.


The Windows/Mac version is only available from the versions page until it is reviewed, although the release version will run on other platforms if you don't mind some clunky behaviour in the options dialog.


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This works, but i don't get the point of not being able to store the usr/password in the plugin.

I use master password for firefox, and when i have this plugin installed even if i just start firefox, it will try to pull passwords from the firefox protected passwords list, resulting in me having to type my secure password even though i don't attempt to access any of the sites where i use the passwords.

Please fix so you can store the utorrent password locally in the plugin, cause i really don't want to be bothered typing my password even though i'm just @ about:blank.

Security of *.* of my passwords in firefox is way more important then some utorrent remote password imo :) just add to the interface: username: password and write it so it access webui http://username:password@ip:port/gui/ so it automatically has utorrent access upon firefox load.

Honestly great plugin, but i think the features where it integrates the gui to firefox is unessesary, sometimes less is more. Most people just want a simple way of adding their magnet links/torrents to a remotely running utorrent client.

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Blame Mozilla for the way passwords are stored. They simply won't approve any addon that stores passwords in the open, such as in preferences. If you go back to really early versions then the username and password are simply stored as preferences. You could give it a try if you like. Or if the password is really so unimportant then leave it blank. Or it is moderately straightforward to unzip the addon file and hardcode your username and password into the javascript. My apologies for the paranoia of the reviewers. If they get much worse I'll have to start hosting my addons elsewhere and writing them the way they should be.

As for integrating the GUI, you seem to have missed the point of the addon. It was built to show people without a uTorrent front end (initially just Linux users) or who wanted an indicator of what was going on with their torrents in Firefox instead of somewhere else. The ability to add torrents easily from Firefox is available from several other addons, or even without an addon, and was only added to this one as a convenience to keep everything in one place. If you don't need any visual indicators then don't put the icon onto a toolbar, or use a different addon.

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I see what you're saying about linux and the gui.

I wish firefox would give me the option to password protect stored passwords, yet not ask for password when visiting sites, maybe there's a plugin for this.

I simply don't want my friends to grab all of my passwords when im out cold drunk on the sofa you know what i mean, it's stupid to have them so accessible right in the browser like this.

Thanks for a great plugin though, i'll probably modify the javascript, i'm no expert but i'll figure it out, keep up the good work!

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