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Introduction / Convert from Vuze (Vista)


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Hi there!

I'm taking the liberty to jump right into the forum but that's also because I have some experience with the Net and as such am quite confident that my current post won't be obnoxious or unwanted in any way.

Yesterday I allowed my regular Torrent client (Vuze aka Azureus) to perform its update and what I got after that was enough for me to start looking for another client. "The drop which flooded the bucket" so to speak. Vuze has been a love/hate issue for me for some time now, but now I really got fed up with it after it managed to change its whole menu structure again.

And that's where I finally realized that uTorrent is most likely more for me. I don't give a <censored> about premium options and high end stuff. I want to see what torrents are active, what stuff is complete and what stuff is uploading (and how much). Amazingly enough (not for you guys ;-)) uTorrent does just that!

So, to get some bias out of the way... Torrents are warez, right? Well, first I disagree there, even high rated Linux distributions like Debian also present their downloads as a Torrent.. Second; this blog post of mine will give you a good impression on where I stand when it comes to "warez". Finally; this post shares with you guys how "alternative downloads" actually helped me to get software working which I paid for, yet their copy protection scheme screwed up.

So much for my introduction, now for something more constructive (as in giving back).

I used Vuze for a long time now (took pride in a ratio of 2.5) but I got fed up with it. So...

How to move from Vuze to uTorrent - A ShelLuser story...

First thing to do is to locate ('identify') where your downloaded data as well as your torrents reside. By default Vuze dumps its torrent stuff in: "<homedir>\AppData\Roaming\Azureus\torrents". Note; I am describing Vista and up here.

'homedir' is basically your data directory. As in: your personal directory within Windows. If you don't see "AppData" you need to unhide it: when in your data dir hit "alt" and watch a menu appear. Go to 'extra' and 'options'. On the 'view' tab you should see something like showing system or hidden maps (depends on your windows language).

Enable all of 'm and then AppData should show up.

Create a new directory somewhere and move all of the stuff in the torrent directory I mentioned above in there. Get rid of the tmp files from the start; those are useless.

Now; not everything is going to be usable again. When doing stuff like this you'll quickly notice that Vuze, although looking slick, is actually making a huge mess of their torrent directory. From unrecognizable stuff right to torrent files of data which you already moved out of the environment eons ago.. (at least that's what happened to me; No fun at all).....

Apart from the above you're most likely also going to discover torrent files which you simply cannot identify anymore...

My stance? Don't bother. If you're already down here reading this then I get the feeling that you, like me, care about the community. Now its time to collect. We've done a lot, we're doing to continue doing a lot, now pick up on some of your earned credentials and let go of some of your shares....

Collect only the torrent files which you can identify, nothing more. For obvious reasons I'd also suggest to move all downloaded contents which isn't identified by a torrent file out of the way. Nothing more to share here, lets move on...

NOW... From here its easy.. Fire up uTorrent and pull up the preferences. (cogwheel). Go to the "Directories" tab and set "Put new downloads in" into the same directory where Vuze put its stuff. Put "Store .torrents in" into something of your liking but whatever you do: do NOT automatically associate Vuze's torrents with those of uTorrent... (referring to some auto import).

Sometimes torrents don't match. I had a few issues with "discussable adult downloads" (hey; I'm only male and not afraid to admit it) in which Vuze dumped it into "kinky" whereas uTorrent picked up "kinky_". Manual intervention made uTorrent share and upload this (not as kinky as you may think) material again.

And there you have it...

(edit): Now all which is left to do is to click the "Add Torrent" icon, point the window to the folder which has all your previous torrent files and then select those you feel comfortable with. You can easily select more than one file and hit "OK" but I personally felt more comfortable with only doing this for stuff which I already had downloaded.

After doing so you'll notice a new entry in uTorrent which says its "checking". No worries.. Torrents are a standard; not something solely made up by Vuze (which at some times I think they're trying to make you believe; honest). So all will be well...

As for me... My previous downloads are going at it again but also important: more UPloads are happening. Even with stuff I actually care for because its hardly available anymore...

"Jane" the series.. Unavailable on DVD, broadcasted as a compilation by the BBC and well.. Its fun to watch and its a good sight to see uTorrent picking right up with uploading and sharing.

SO... Hope you'll excuse me from forgetting to include this part of my tutorial (its late, I had a few beers, and as such...) but here you have it!

Glad to have (finally) jumped on board the uTorrent wagon..

And yes; it can even pick up ongoing downloads from Vuze with ease... I was in the ongoing process of grabbing 'C.O.P.S.' (no pun intended) which is an cartoon series I happen to like yet which seems unavailable here (and I'm not going to pay twice the price merely because something isn't available here).

Right now this is coming in in an even better speed than Vuze (note: I can't rule out the issue that I'm overlooking stuff) and well.. When all goes well around 2/2011 the new owner will be releasing a dvd box world wide and when decently priced I'll be sure to pick this one up.

AND there you have it, hope some other people find this useful!

If you're like I was; really, its time to dump vuze and move on. Vuze IMVHO really is no fun at all anymore. uTorrent is.. You can even get into these forums right from the client!

Kind regards,


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Forgot to add and felt awkward with editing again: obviously your ratios will be gone. My 2.5 is also gone, its too bad but IMO well worth it. If you did it once you can do it again.

And in all honesty: I truly think uTorrent has a more fair share ratio (I finetuned vuze yet not too much over the top.. How can uTorrent be seeding that which I told vuze to care about after which vuze did nothing?).

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