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is this normal and/or common?


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some torrents don't show anything under the size column, not even "0.0 GB", just a blank spot. These torrents are also not downloading anything, they remain at 0%. Also, there are NO files showing under the Files tab.

1) The trackers for these torrents are showing as working.

2) There ARE peers connected, and sometimes a seeder is connected.

3) They have Green Arrows, and everything else looks OK.

4) All the other torrents are downloading OK, unless of course they have no seeders // no availability // etc....


PS, i tried clicking reset on the column headers... and no dice....

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Do you know if these torrent jobs have been loaded as magnet links?

If that's the case, maybe these torrents are dying, that's why there are leechers (no seeder) and some columns stay empty (your client has no metainfo).

thanks for the reply! for each of the torrents that show blanks in the Size column and no files under the File Tab, i found many sites for each torrent (by searching for the hash), and i'd say the ratio of magnets to regular torrents is 1:5

that is, there might have been one or two magnet links used, but way more .torrent download links opened with utorrent

if a magnet link is used once, can that ruin the whole torrent?

besides, i've got plenty of normal torrents that have NO seeds nor peers, with NO availability, that have not downloaded anything, but they still show "3.34 GB" or "3.88 GB" or "4.62 GB", and they also show the files under the Files Tab.... So, what's the deal with the ones i'm curious about?

so it means they are "Dead" dead?

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