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Help me out guys, don't know how to do this!


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Not going to happen I think...

There is an option in uTorrent to auto load torrent files (see setup -> directories -> "Automatically load torrnents from..") but that option does not allow for multiple directories.

Same sort of applies to doing stuff when a download is done; you can tell uTorrent to move your downloaded stuff to a different directory (see that same page; now "Move completed downloads to") but its still focused to one particular location.

Next there's "run this program when a torrent finishes" (see advanced -> run program) but even that will limit you to single directories only.

SO; there are options here but not those you're after I think...


You could label a download up front and then use that label in the command ("run program" tab) as a parameter to move the end result to.

So not so much acting on location but on label instead.

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Actually I found a way. There is a way to run multiple instances of uTorrent. I only need to run two, and each instance can have its own settings, therefore two watch folders, each one watches a specific folder, and each one moves the finished download to a specific folder.

Thanks a lot for your help anyway, I appreciate it!!!

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