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Fury, and that silly words does even express my true feelings.


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I have been using utorrent for a few years now. I have been forced to upgrade to win 7, new pc and all that jazz. I backed my system up with Norton ghost, as I dislike/hate all the hoops I have to go through in dealing with microsoft. But to have my work, "my downloads" wipe out all the information on a cold restart. As it has never never happened in win xp, is down right digusting. It just goes 'poof' and it is gone.

Spare others this childishness when they restore their pc and their saved information is on another HD.

And if you think I am being rude or unkind. Best you think again, band me all you want. Others who have dealt with, may or may not speak of it. I don't care, I did not waste my time in hunting thru all the forum. It shows so little.

All, I ask, is fix it.

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