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Icon diasppears from systray!!! WTF?!


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It is not just if utorrent starts with windows I have the same problem and I start 2.2 manually after my windows vista home premium sp3 starts. (although it is usually the first program I click on upon startup)

When I start utorrent it starts maxamised. When I minimise it to tray sometimes no tray icon appears and I have to start utorrent again to get the window to appear again (it is running in background). I then untick always show tray icon and click apply then retick and apply again and then it shows the tray icon.

I have both minimise to tray and close to tray checked in the options and I'm not sure if it makes a difference which one I use. I am going to start trying both and also having them alternatively checked in the options as I am now tired of this problem occurring most days for weeks now.

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I've unticked "close to tray" in the preferences and so far the tray icon hasn't disappeared as only minimise to tray is ticked and that's how I get it to the tray only. Only 2 days but so far so good

EDIT: now 6 days and the icon hasn't disappeared. Looks like it's fixed it for me.

EDIT: 7 days and it disappeared again today when I minimised the utorrent window. Damn

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