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speed problem


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Hi friends,

I'm using u torrent from a long time but still not getting the max downloading speed.

I've LAN connection of 384kbps.

At present I'm using u torrent 2.2.1 beta and it gives me the down. speed of average 40 kbps.

I've made some changes in the preferences to speed up the down rate.

I've also used cheat engine 6.0 to boost up my downloading speed with u torrent.

It worked, but just for 2 or 3 mins whenever I run it.

The average speed suddenly jumps to 400+ kbps, But it is not consistent.

After 2 or 3 mins the speed goes down and down and the downloading becomes inactive.

Plz plz plz som1 help me to get the maximum possible downloads.

Waiting for response....



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