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Question about making a Torrent


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I have never made a torrent before, so I was just wondering whether there are trackers out there that I could use to make a private torrent that only people I send the torrent file to can download. Is it possible to use trackers without uploading the torrent to their website as well?

Another question I have is, what if the original maker of the private torrent isn't seeding, but there is a 2nd person seeding with a completed file, would the third person be able to download from the 2nd person? What if I were using uTorrent's built-in tracker with an IP Address?

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You can add them to the .torrent you're creating.

And yes, you are'nt forced to publish the .torrent to a torrent indexer, just send it by email to your trusted people.

No, all peers with the complete torrent are potential seeds, whatever they created the .torrent or not.

Built-in tracker is not very reliable, using a public tracker announce with the private flag should be enough.

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