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Someone's got the ultimate settings for uTorrent?


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I've been browsing the web looking for the ultimate guide for uTorrent settings. It has only made my downloads slower though.. Because alot of the settings that people have been writing on the web are old settings for the old uTorrentversion, and that has fucked up my settings with the new version. Unfortunally I've forgotten what settings I had before, so I'm kind of screwed here..

Does anybody have (or have a link to) settings that works really well? Of course it depends of what kind of broadband you got etc. But a standard setting, and how the "advanced settings" should be set?

Would reallu appreciate it. And I know alot of people will too!


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Best in your case:

Exit utorrent.

Delete (backup) the settings.dat and settings.dat.old in %appdata% folder.

Restart utorrent, run the setup guide (CTRL+G).

Normally you don't have to touch the "advanced settings".

Thanks. But the thing is that I have never been able to do that setup guide-thing. It has always failed. Don't know why.

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