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help with upload speed on charter please!


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I have charter 25meg service and I love the download speed. I'm trying share torrents with utorrent and well, its not moving so well. On upload speed tests in a web browser everything is fine.

Both my computer running utorrent and my synology diskstation running a bittorrent client are having trouble even making upload connections. and YES all of the ports are correctly forwarded. I have run the guide in utorrent and all my slots, ports, and everything is right on router and client. I think this has to do something with MTU.

I have a motorola docsis 3 modem and a netgear WNR3500L running tomato. The MTU setting in tomato reads DEFAULT with a value of 1500. Should this be set to something else? Ive attached my tweak test as an image. It recommended I set my path mtu discovery to ON, and I downloaded Dr TCP to see that it was already on. And I'm running windows 7 can I even change my RWIN? I heard it was auto-dynamic....

Any help is appreciated Im not sure if I have complete synergy between my modem, router and computer. Thanks

here is my dslreports tweak test


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