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External Hard Drive Re-Check Issue - 100% files to 60%...?


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I have nearly 300 torrents finished and no more in que

Since I have my External HD hooked up to my laptop, I frequently shutdown & disconnect it when traveling.

If I have started my computer and uTorrent without the External HD hooked up, they all go red; understandable.

However the next time I start and the HD is hooked up, it re-checks; again ... understandable.

The problem is that after it re-checks ...

Files that were @ 100% are now anywhere from 50+% to 99.8%

WTF Happened?

I now have to wait sometimes minutes, days, or weeks for a file to re-download...

-- I am un-checking the auto-start box to OFF - then not going to run uTorrent w/out the HD hooked up...

But still want to know wtf happened to the files?



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Because something is changing the files, Usual problems are media playing apps that want to mess with the tags without asking you (iTunes, WMP have both being guilty of that IME)

What I do is make me only have read only access to the folders and run torrents or sorting out files as another user that does have write access, also the shares are only read only so friends who are copying stuff off dont end up screwing up my files.

Also, folder.jpg and other "system" files in torrents will get screwed up by the OS, lots of people will put a folder.jpg in music torrents, and then your media player or whatever will replace it and then you have checking issues. I usually retarget them to oldfolder.jpg when I see it so that it doesnt keep happening as things get used.

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