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Crashing the program, then forcing a reinstall


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I can not set the proxy port number to my 5 digits. Every time I try to alter the port number the program becomes unresponsive then crashes. I have to end task in windows task manager.

Then if I do this a few times it will not even load the application but it will launch the utorrent process and let me know it is already running when I try to hit the exe again. The application window does not show up again unless I uninstall then reload it.

I have windows 7, and the UTorrent Version 2.2.

BitTorrent's newest release version, does the same thing.

I reinstalled Utorrent version 1.8 and now it works fine like before.

2.2 Stable? :rolleyes:

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Can you test with the latest beta 2.2.1 please?


If you observe trhe same crash, you should have some crash dumps (.dmp) in the folder %appdata%\utorrent. Upload them to http://www.mediafire.com/ and post the link here or by email to Firon.

And post HJT and PE logs when µT is running. In PE select utorrent.exe and enable DLL mode (ctrl+D). Guide: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=29748

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