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WMP selected on file download tab? How do i change? Please help!!!


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Hello folks,

Newbie here and looking for some advice if anyone can help?

I personally have been using utorrent for ages now with no problems and yesterday installed it on my brothers pc. Thought everything was ok until i clicked on a file to download and when utorrent opened it is using Windows Media Player as a default program for the file in the 'File Download' window.

Anyone know how to change this as i cant download while the WMP is chosen.

Kinda hope someone knows how to resolve this. Any advice would be appreciated. :/

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He doesnt have any torrent files stored on the computer though as he can download any?

As i said, anytime we click on a link to download, utorrent then opens up automatically with the usual file download pop up (open,save or cancel etc) however as Media Player seems to be the default choice for downloading the file (even though Utorrent is being opened, i dont get it!) it wont work.

Maybe im just missing something or im not explaining the issue accurately enough so apologies if this is the case but is there any way i can just change utorrent settings so that WMP is not associated whatsoever with anything i try to download via utorrent?? Or does a change need to be made via windows??

haha maybe an 'idiotproof' step by step guide is needed here but this is just really frustrating and i dunno what to do now.

Aaargghhh!!Please help someone!!!

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