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Friend can only download 100kb from each peer?


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I am currently giving out some stuff to my friends using utorrent, everything is working fine with all of my friends download speed, except for one guy:

He can only download 100kb/s from each peer, which is kind of weird?

I've checked his internet speed, he has 24mb download and 1mb upload, which should give him atleast 2,4mb/s download speed?

I have opened some ports for him, it still doesn't help. (Utorrent said that the ports were okay before I opened them anyway)

I also maxed his preferences in utorrent..

All of my friends are seeding for him, making him download 320kb/s.

But he can only download about 100-120kb/s max from each peer..

And my upload speed is 10mb, so when I upload files to my friends they get a 1mb/s speed..

But not this guy!

Any help will be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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