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Explanation of uT versions


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This is a post for users that want to understand what utorrent build numbers mean better.

Note that when we give a specific revision number that a change was made in, you will see that change in any release after that revision number, *in the branches it was made in* So, you need both the branch name and revision number to accurately tell if a feature is included in your build.

Here's an example:

A 3.0 and 2.2 release have just been made:

3.0: release r3000

2.2: release r3001

Work continues on the 3.0 branch:

3.0: r3002 Change a thing (A)

3.0: r3003 Fix a thing (B)

3.0: r3004 Break a thing ©

3.0: r3005 Fix a thing ©

Okay, thing B really needs to get out to users! Let's cut a build:

3.0 release: r3006

Now, we decide we want to fix something in 2.2:

2.2: r3007: Fix a thing (D)

Cut a new build:

2.2: release: r3008

Note that the revision number is global for the whole svn tree. So, even though only one change was made to the 2.2 branch between release r3001 and r3008, the revision number jumped by 7!

In general, to know if a feature or fix is in a build of utorrent, you have to know when it was put in (the revision number for that change), AND which branches it went into.

Also note that change C never saw the light of day - it was caught before being released.

Hope this helps,


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