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standalone uT skinnable?


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I run 2 uTorrent clients side by side - one is for daily downloads and the other is for long term seeding. They are both standalone and not using %appdata% folders.

At the moment I'm running two different versions (v2.2.1b and v2.0.4) only because the program icons (taskbar, systray) are not alike so i can easily tell the difference.

I'd like to update the older v2.0.4 to 2.2.1b but only if I can skin it so i can still tell the difference.

So my question is: can i skin a standalone version (without placing skins in %appdata% folder)?

Thanks in advance :)

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I am using BitTorrent 7.2. I have successfully downloaded at lot of music. Because I didn't understand BitTorrent's configuration and process, I moved the torrent and download directories around. Everything is fine now, I didn't lose anything.

I have a number of downloads which are completed and very usable but BT says they are at 0%. If I say Start or Force Start, they start downloading again. I don't want to download them again, some of them are quite big and took a long time.

How do I tell BT to check them abd begin seeding them. Or do I just move them and not care what BT thinks?

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