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RSS problems


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I moved into a new computer about a month ago, and I'm having some trouble getting my RSS downloads in version 2.2 to work properly. I created my feeds by copying a Feed URL that I had sent someone quite a while ago that was working on my old system, and editing the show_name to the name of the show I was interested in grabbing. This is how I created all my new feeds on my old system, but I think I'm missing something on my setup.

New RSS items are showing up in the list, but the status is RSS and the icon has a yellow star instead of the four squares. I have all feeds set to Automatically download all items, and Use smart episode filter.

I'm also getting show names that contain the keyword instead of just the relevant show, for example, the feed for House is also displaying Warehouse and Desperate Housewives in the feeds list. Here's the Feed URL I'm using. http://www.ezrss.it/search/index.php?simple&show_name=House&mode=rss

Any troubleshooting help would be greatly appreciated!

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